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tO tElL tHe WoRLd thAt SheS sO lOvEly [entries|friends|calendar]

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Long time no update... [06 Mar 2007|10:57pm]
Well, since all my reasons for updating this are back, i may as well give a long overdue update. 

Since i last updated this thing sooo much has happened, although not much has changed. Although i want to write a really deep and meaningful entry on here, i no longer feel the need. Deep and meaningful seems to only be something i can do when im unhappy, or sad, or lonely... however you want to look at it, but at the moment i am none of these, so deep and meaningful is non existent.

Looking back at my last entry i can see how worried i was about meeting Bens family... there was really no need to worry. According to Ben his family are similar to his friends when it comes to me... we get on well, and apparently they all love me. Which i have to say im over the moon about. I have now been to his house a number of times, even going so far as to being invited to the familys birthday meal for his mum. I still get on great with all his friends, and have even met a number of their girlfriends now, which makes it all the better. More importantly, though, i still get on great with Ben. More than great. 

We went to Manchester recently, to watch England vs Spain, my treat for his bday and valentines. It was brilliant, just to get away together. We also went to stay at his aunties cottage in lincolnshire... which was also lovely, and it snooowed!! All these years with no action on the boyfriend front and now I have the best boyfriend ever.. believe me, its worth the wait! 

Im on placement again with Uni at the moment, at a primary school down the road. Just a five minute drive away (when my little Ruby decides to start!) Im loving it, its only my third week, but already i have some respect from the children and ive learnt most of their names (altho there are sixty to learn altogether!) Theyre only reception (4/5 years old) so theyre absolutely GORGEOUS. 

I went to visit Claire and Elisse in Loughborough last weekend, Ben drove me down there. It was such a good laugh, although i could only stay just over a day because of work. We all dressed as Chavs and slags and went to the union. It was brilliant!! And os good to see Claire and Elisse, i miss those girls lots (among others of course!)

Erm.. im not really sure what other news there is... ive applied to be a senior resident in uni halls next year, and ive got an interview in may/june sometime for that. So hopefully i'll get that. Its kinda like a mentoring scheme, and me and my friend Sam have applied together. So fingers crossed. 

Im still working at Next, got some good friends there now. Gonna miss it when i have to leave in summer. And yes, other than that there is not much more news. Im sure i will let you know if there is.

Hope everyone's well. xx
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[03 Mar 2006|06:14pm]
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[19 Jan 2005|02:45pm]
This is my *ahem* brand new (ish) journal. Smply because my other one seems to have totally fucked up, please keep my other journal friended however, as i may end up going back on there if it starts working, cuz afterall it is my proper one. So yeah, comment to be friended, ta.

love you, kirsty x
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